How smart people deal with people who don't like them




In the perfect world of imagination, every one of us is very kind, friendly, considerate, careful and generous. We'll make fun of each other and make each other happy. We are immersed in a friendly atmosphere of joy, no one can disturb us, disturb us, or slander slander us.
However, we do not live in that ideal country. There will always be people who will let us go crazy. Of course, we have to admit that sometimes make people crazy. We do not love those people are usually very flippant, they will often denigrate our character, questioning our work motivation, also don't understand us - bursting point but I hope we can understand their bursting point.
You may want to know whether we are likely to be fair to those who have always made us angry, or who we do not want to eat with them? And maybe you want to know if we should learn to like all the people?
According to Sutton Robert, a professor at the Stanford University's Department of management science, you have to build a team of people with all the characters to the backyard barbecue, which is impossible and unrealistic.
That's why smart people are far away from people they don't like. Here are their ways of dealing with people who don't like them.
1, accept and admit that won't like everyone
Sometimes we get into trouble because we want to be friendly. We are naive to think that we can like everyone around us, even if it's not possible. You will inevitably encounter some difficult people, they will disagree with you. The fact that a wise man knows. They clearly recognize that conflict and conflict are the only results of different values.
The people you don't like may not be so bad in nature. But you have no reason to get along with him because you have different values, the difference between the values of the gap between you. If you accept that not everyone will like you, then you won't like everyone around you, because the fact that the values are different will soon bring you back to the real world. Recognition of the existence of differences may make you get along better with the people around you.

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