Your life needs to be understood.



The reason why people live is tired, is not put off the shelf, tear open face, can not solve the plot (the reason is very simple)
You need to understand the life of the stand in your position not everyone is in line with your appetite; stand in the other position, you can taste the appetite of all people? Tolerance (tolerance)
To simplify the complicated problem of human resources, can complicate a simple problem is a fool. (when people are often willing to fool)
A woman appreciates a man of talent, hate men too stingy, most afraid of men. (a man afraid of the old woman angry)
Itching is sometimes worse than pain, hate is often easier than love (life paradox)
The opportunity for everyone is equal, you can not shoot the opportunity, but the opportunity to come, you can not do without bullets (to do business is to do so)
Love is like a smallpox, we all have to go through it once, and just like the smallpox, we only have one time in our lives, you never have to worry about getting the second.
Ancient love story, more contemporary love accident (era is different).
A man who does not make mistakes usually does not accomplish anything, and who has no faults, often has little merit (Lincoln's experience).
Businessmen are "people who can be consulted", business people are "people who can give birth to ideas". (an alternative explanation)
Sage had seven virtues: one is not to interrupt the other is not display slight skill before an expert, two words, three is not anxious, four questions should be targeted, five is the answer to the six is reasonable, talk to stay the course, seven is to be based on the actual. (ancient Jewish proverbs).
The unit every day to work overtime; housework never touched home; mobile phone; message read delete; to shout loudly; often wore underwear. (an affair of the six major symptoms).
Do something you think you can't do at all (how much is your heart, how far is the road).
The heart is a house with two bedrooms, a pain, a joy to live in. People can't laugh too loud, or laughter will wake the pain in the next door. (avoid sorrow).
If you marry a clever and virtuous wife, you will be happy; if you get a frivolous bitch, you'll become a philosopher. (marriage is good).
Can not say, can not cry out, is the most bitter (life reflected).
Where to fall, where to lie down (some pessimist).
The real problem is not that the spouse is not the best person, but that you are not trying to be the best person for your spouse (happy marriage Bible).
The only good thing to say is that you don't have to remember what you said.
You can offend people, because they have no time to dispute with you; you must not offend people, because they have the time to deal with you. (don't offend people).
If you can't change your looks, you can change your face.
More important than the bath, sauna bath will not wash brainwashing, smell, do not wash the brain will become obsolete (we often forget this point).
Don't be so sure of your memories, the person inside, not necessarily the same miss you (with the memories of the road, rather than holding memories of life).
There should be a better way to start a day than waking up every morning (working philosophy).
Toad, good, very small things (to educate the next generation).
Rich does not have much, but expect less. (a new view of wealth).

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