To hide, is to know the deepest compassion


A silk cut time, write a poem of old words, between the lines, in the leisure environment, including the whistle Lei Ju love, read in the eyes, it is a story, read in the past, it is a heart, read in the years, is a forest Jinghao.
The long, blowing not sad most fans eyes, do not turn the chapters most easily broken, the sky was clear, as far as the people who recall in the river floor. Who is left alone in the window, with the fragrant surplus sleeve, the Indus evening drizzle, fall thinner than the yellow text, Yuyuehuanxiu? Who is in the autumn wind sad picture fan midnight, plum Fife falls, in the sound of life is heartbroken? Who, because of the understanding, covered with a kind of mercy, because of the well, from the dust opened a flower, and from the flower in a lifetime of loneliness?
Gone, the vine like growth of sadness, the nearly broken view. But time, quietly left the statue poem back, in every line of the poem after pouring fell dejected, opened a road built a dike scenery fragrance. The scenery is the time carefully brewed a pot of wine, at an appropriate time to open the appropriate place, will be full of fragrance. Yes, the four seasons change the rhythm of a person, often used the opening season of joy, spring bloom, taxuexinmei, habits that a growing melodious and prosperous, lotus pond, Wanzhao Fenglin, and most can not be ignored is often a silence that intoxicating, a blank, or even just a pause and silence on a piece of light music, the music, because they are not only to attract more, is in the heart to titillate like stream gurgling, Liaobo that in the days of a vivid.
Without words, the total precipitation in the story, the aftertaste is sublimation in precipitation. A painting for life, there are too many paintings and ink contains too many bittersweet tone. Not see the background, there is no need to end a life that a landscape, has all the vicissitudes of life story of the past, also wash light days flat Zeze, painted on a wild heart become calm, a quiet. Sorrow will melt in the tranquil mind flow into clear water will be bumpy Qingxi, freeze, in memory of the distant line depicting the waterfront. In the face of the colorful life, searching, the concentrated in a short word, open your heart, found that many of the past, only the streamer whispers, what choice, itself is a solution, how to answer, itself is a pure water, three thousand, yipiao, but as the universe of 1,000,000,000 universes, Jane on.
Inadvertently, time hidden in the warm, like a wisp of breeze, blowing the idle gaps, never fall into the courtyard. Many things go into the back, how many back engraved into the memory, bit by bit, the temperature of text so that the memories of the poetic. Childhood play away, then turn the page, but it seems to smoke gone backwards; the hometown, the shore scenery, could reproduce in the accent. Some of the stories have many details are reduced to fragments, wash clean, simple, warm every inch of time, warm and the friendship love.
Distant daydream, line is OK, return oneself heart. Alone is a form of solitude, is a road leading to the Nanshan Chai Li Yeju, also led to the Dongshan at leisure. At this time, a person's time, flowing in between the lines, clear bottomed out, the mind is transparent, thin like moonlight. This is a silent world, no noise, no bustling, summer, but with two tire, winter, can fishing alone in snow, a pillow of a few lines, silent words from light, not disturbing the dust wind. At this time, can be hidden in the story of those who read the retrieval of those who have a throbbing, overgrown mind, can be in a corner of the night opened a bright window for yourself, let long memory in the moonlight blowing in, and their instantaneous became self appreciation, to eliminate no reason to lose heart Bodhi, without a cup of tea, half books, has been quiet since a pleasant person.
Time to taste, landscape intimate, every moment of life to the bitter sweet, color shades of each frame landscape with consonance, and landscape in a cloud Yixi, every tree and bush, breathing and the breath of life, take care of Xian Yiping and the heart. The mountain is mountain, water is water, much too much smoke cage, Qingxi flow, how much still listening to the voice of, this is the original mountain, the original water in a four hilum domain, echoed Zen cloud distant sound. A stone, not worth mentioning, clever or mountain, always in his heart; a dark green or gray moss, or stone, always in his heart. A person, regardless of size, regardless of the depth dependent is harmony, into the heart is calm, this mountain, stone, moss, have stacked scenery, there is a knowledge of compassion.
A pupil can see as far as the distance, as one can get the message. An agreeable environment, from Qushui, life of pleasure, often missed in the endless lament in. In the face of gully, a turn, is full of youth on the road, the scenery of life is always in favor of everyone's antecedents, hiding in the corner of the space and time, and with the opportunity, fate and open. Even with a hard boat, also feasible to water to the poor, to sit see, the heart is quiet Yunjuanyunshu, even across the hard journey, as a pleasurable occupation; can also be river flowers and grass, don't dye my love field, heart is leisurely River flowers open, from grass

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