Shenzhen ZDW  Founded in 2014, is a product development company focus on  innovative design and excellent quality. the ZDW team is formed by a group of extremely rich imagination and the personnel with many years of industry experience.They have a keen sense of touch, who are good at life experience and explore the extraordinary creativity in life, They are committed to using advanced scientific and technological achievements to improve people’s quality of life.
 Innovative design idea, Excellent product quality, Perfect terminal services,is not only our belief, but also our enterprise development purposes.                                                
As a young, Innovative brand, We are committed to create fashionable elegant and full of human nature of the product.
On the design of the product, We fall in love with contracted fashionable element, Because we firmly believe that “less is more” design concept, and insist on the concept to guide the design direction of our products. We have been exploring the application of innovative technology to product design, combined with the needs of users, strive to launch each product can meet the needs of users, To improve people’s lives better. better lead the direction of future development.
“Contracted style, Smart innovation, Durable” , Is not only our pursuit of each product, but also our constant request to our-self.
Our current main business products include: Bluetooth speaker and its peripheral products, Which are built by the senior product designer and professional engineering team. Our Bluetooth speakers with excellent design and perfect quality are attention and praise in the industry.
ZDW adhering to the “creativity first, Pay attention to credibility” concept of enterprise development, to provide clients  with professional  product  planning and product development services, Provide total solutions for our customers.
Our company has first-class production equipment, Professional production conditions, And a high quality R&D team, With “harmony, Cooperation, Position, Responsible” Code of  conduct to construction enterprise management team, From the product research and development design, Raw material procurement ,Raw material inspection, Production control to finished product delivery system operation specification, To ensure that the product quality is stable and reliable performance. Not only can we meet the diverse needs of customers, But also ensure that provide customers with quick business and technical service. Because of  the strong technology in product quality assurance, In order to gain the support of the general new old customers.

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